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Root Canals in San Marcos, TX

Are you dealing with a severely damaged or decayed tooth and trying to assess your treatment options? If so, the good news is that root canal therapy may be an ideal solution for restoring your tooth’s health. Trusting in the experience and precision of AquaSprings Dental can yield optimal results. With this restorative procedure, our team of experienced San Marcos dentists can help remove the infected pulp in the interior of a tooth so that it survives and does not have to be extracted.


Remove Infected Tissue, Avoid Tooth Extraction

Root canal therapy, or endodontic therapy, is the expertly crafted technique of removing infected or decaying pulp from the inside of a tooth. This intricate process aims to prevent further damage and infection while preserving the tooth’s natural structure.

Root canal therapy helps patients avoid missing teeth and regain their beautiful smiles while at the same time relieving symptoms caused by infection, including throbbing pain and intense sensitivity.


Reasons to Get a Root Canal

Root canals are a last-ditch effort to save the natural tooth. Generally, root canals are more affordable and less invasive than extracting the tooth and getting a replacement. Root canal therapy is a treatment designed to:
· Prevent Tooth Loss
· Stop the Spread of Infection
· Prevent Jawbone Atrophy
· Improve Overall and Oral Health


Root Canal Treatment & Recovery

Before starting treatment, it’s essential to recognize the signs of a severely infected tooth. These are a few symptoms that are directly linked to needing a root canal:
· Sensitivity to Hot or Cold Foods
· Chipped or Cracked Teeth
· Red, Swollen Gums
· Dental Discoloration
· Persistent Tooth Pain


If you recognize any of these symptoms, don’t wait! Take action to prevent the problem from getting worse. Our San Marcos dentists have the tools and expertise to keep your smile bright and healthy. When you visit AquaSprings Dental, you can expect one-on-one care from our team, including:
· Diagnosis: If you think you have a toothache, let our San Marcos dentists take a closer look! With our advanced X-rays and digital imaging, we’ll assess what’s going on inside your teeth. Once we identify an infection, we’ll move on to the next step.
· Remove Infection: After ensuring you feel comfortable, we’ll quickly remove the infected tissue and sanitize the inside of the tooth.
· Fill the Tooth: Now that your tooth is clean and healthy, we’ll restrengthen the tooth and prevent reinfection with a temporary filling.
· Restore with a Dental Crown: After a few weeks, we’ll replace the temporary filling with a permanent dental crown.
· Root Canal Recovery: Patients tend to feel better after treatment. Healing time may vary based on the complexity of the treatment. Applying an ice pack to your jaw can help reduce pain and promote healing. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you experience discomfort, swelling, loss of filling or crown. Although these adverse effects are rare, AquaSprings Dental is prepared to handle them.


Relieve Your Dental Woes with a Root Canal

Root canal therapy has existed for decades and is one of the most straightforward and successful procedures to restore an injured tooth. It helps avoid extraction and preserves teeth without harming adjacent healthy tissue, so they look natural & beautiful while providing proper masticatory functions. With this procedure, AquaSprings Dental can eliminate the excruciating pain with just a few visits to our San Marcos dental office while simultaneously preventing further damage and decay down the road! Call (512) 399-0334 to schedule an appointment.