How Oral Piercings Can Affect Your Smile

Piercings are a fun and trendy way to spruce up your look. You can pierce your ears, belly button, nose, eyebrow, and even your lip and tongue. Whether you are getting a piercing as a fashion statement or updating your individualistic style, there are still some issues that can arise – especially with oral piercings.

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Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking Cigarettes? AquaSprings Dental dentist in san marcos, tx

Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking Cigarettes?

Contrary to popular belief, vaping may not be safer than smoking cigarettes. According to the latest research, vaping is not a healthier option for your teeth and gums and can be just as damaging as cigarettes.  What is Vaping? Vaping is a highly popular and addictive option besides cigarettes. Vaping is inhaling “vapor” from an

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Restore Your Smile With Crown Lengthening

Decay or broken teeth can put your smile at risk for further decay and damage. AquaSprings Dental in San Marcos, TX explains how you can restore your smile with crown lengthening. The outer layer of your tooth, called the enamel, prevents bacteria from entering your bloodstream which can cause an infection. Once the enamel is

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