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What are These Bumps in My Mouth

You wake up, feel something strange in your mouth, look in the mirror, and think, “Oh no! Why is there a bump in the mouth.” Well, don’t stress. First, there are some normal bumps that you can fill in your mouth. One of those is a flap found on the side of your cheek. This

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couple smiling FAQ’s About Dental Care During Pregnancy Aqua Springs Dental San Marcos, TX Dr. Alexandra Aponte

FAQ’s About Dental Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special and exciting time for expectant women and their families. Just as you have doctor visits for prenatal checkups, it’s also important to visit your dentist for prenatal dental care. Dr. Alexandra Aponte will discuss changes in your oral health during pregnancy and what to look for. So, what’s the right

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Is A New Smile This Easy?

No matter how much you love your favorite sweater, you only show it to the world a few days a year. On the other hand, your smile travels with you every day through every season. Find out how a new smile can be yours before another month goes by. Learn more here.

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The River Within

Everybody loves the brilliance of a friendly smile and the pleasure of chewing their favorite foods. But in the 1990’s, researchers discovered a correlation between gum disease and other health problems, including heart disease. Over the last 30 years, evidence has continued to link oral and general health. Here’s a fascinating look at what we know, and how you can help control your risk.

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