How Oral Piercings Can Affect Your Smile

Piercings are a fun and trendy way to spruce up your look. You can pierce your ears, belly button, nose, eyebrow, and even your lip and tongue. Whether you are getting a piercing as a fashion statement or updating your individualistic style, there are still some issues that can arise – especially with oral piercings. And, that is why Dr. Alexandra Aponte highly discourages oral piercings. So, how can oral piercings affect your smile?

First, you can experience nerve damage when you get a piercing in your lips or tongue. This happens when the piercing is done incorrectly. Most of the time, you may experience numbness. The numbness can be temporary or permanent, depending on the extent of the nerve damage. And, the nerve damage can even affect your taste if it occurs on your tongue piercing. 

Next, you can cause infection. As we have covered in other blog posts, your mouth is full of bacteria. And, when getting an oral piercing, these bacteria can enter the piercing site and get infected. Even food particles can enter the piercing site which can breed more bacteria. It is especially important to keep your piercing clean. Playing or handling your piercing with unwashed hands can cause it to become infected. If your infection is left untreated, it can become inflamed, painful, and life-threatening.

Last, it can damage your teeth and gums. With tongue piercings (especially the ones with a barbell) people often tend to rub the metal jewelry against their teeth and gums. On your gums, this rubbing can lead to gum recession. Gum recession can leave your roots more exposed and can make your teeth become loose which can lead to teeth loss. When this barbell hits your teeth, it can cause cracks and chips in your teeth. Studies show that 47 percent of individuals wearing barbell rings for 4 or more years have at least one chipped tooth. We have even seen someone accidentally bite down on their piercing and crack a tooth

That is why we highly discourage oral piercings in San Marcos, TX. If you are considering updating your look with a lip or tongue ring, come and talk to Dr. Alexandra Aponte and our wonderful staff at AquaSprings Dental. We can discuss your options and give you some advice. If it has been a while since your last visit, be sure to schedule an appointment today!

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