Things to Do to Care For Your Teenagers Oral Health

For anyone who has teenagers know that keeping up with your teen’s life can be very difficult. Most teens seem to be distant and feel like their parents just don’t understand. Some are super busy with friends and sports. Some hideaway in their room hanging out on their computers or playing video games. Whoever your teen is, your teen is most likely dealing with the same things other people in their age groups are dealing with. And, one thing that you as a parent might be missing is their oral health. AquaSprings Dental in San Marcos, TX wants to help parents with a few Things to Do to Care For Your Teenagers Oral Health.

 AquaSprings Dental in San Marcos, TX wants to help parents with a few Things to Do to Care For Your Teenagers Oral Health. teens teen's blog 2.3.2020 teen's dentistry family san marcos dentist

Sugar and soda intake is a big issue with teens oral health. One study shows that kids and teens get about 17% of their calories from added sugars and half of that is from drinks. The plus side is that the consumption of sugary drinks has declined since 2011 but the average kid and teen still consume around 150 calories a day from sugary drinks. That is 12 ounces per day when the recommended consumption intake is 8 ounces per week. The main culprit of tooth decay and cavities is sugar. As your child grows, they tend to become more independent. That is why it is important to monitor your children’s diet, ensure they are brushing and flossing, and set regular dental cleanings. 

We all know that some trends come and go. It seems these days that most schools are more relaxed on dress code and what is allowed to wear, how to wear hair, piercings or tattoos showing, etc. Oral piercings are another thing that you should remember to monitor for oral health. Before your child gets an oral piercing, take them to see us so that we can explain the risks and oral health complications that can come from getting an oral piercing. There are a lot of sanitary issues that can arise and can cause infections that can lead to serious oral health issues. If your teen already has an oral piercing, we can help teach them how to properly clean the piercing and around the are and how to properly brush and maintain good oral health with the piercing in their mouth. 

Last, and this one is hard to talk about, some teens have eating disorders. Eating disorders have a huge impact on your teen’s oral health. Bulimia can cause your teens enamel on their teeth to erode from the acid which can cause the teeth to break down, become more receptive to cavities, and tooth sensitivity. The more tooth decay, the more likely they are to get an infection and cause bacteria to go back into their veins which can cause more oral health issues. With anorexia, gums can recede that it can expose the root of the teeth. So it is important to come to see us if your child is suffering from an eating disorder. This way we can check their overall oral health and make sure that their teeth are staying healthy.
Teens are hard to keep up with. Ensuring that they are keeping up with their oral health is important. Make sure they brush twice a day and floss at least once per day. If you cant keep up with your teen you can keep up with the items they use. Check to see if their toothpaste is bottle is getting lower. You can get them mouthwash and you can see if that is getting lower as well. If you notice little to no changes, it is the perfect opportunity to pop your head in and just calmly say, “Don’t forget to brush your teeth before bed.” If you are worried about your teen’s oral health, contact us today!

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