Restore Your Smile With Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening

Areas filled with decay or broken teeth can put your smile at risk for further decay and damage. The outer layer of your tooth, called the enamel, prevents bacteria from entering your bloodstream which can cause an infection. Once the enamel is compromised it is vital to get it restored right away to avoid further decay, infection, and other complications. 

What is Crown Lengthening?

Simply, crown lengthening is a procedure used to expose more of your natural tooth to gain easier access to cavities or broken parts of the tooth under the gumline. The crown is the name of the part of the tooth you can see when you smile. This procedure occurs mainly in two situations, when restoring a cavity or a broken crown. 


If a cavity develops under the gum-line, our dentists will discover it on a digital x-ray and recommend a tooth-colored filling. To reach the cavity your San Marcos dentist will perform a crown lengthening procedure. Your doctor at Aqua Springs Dental in San Marcos, Texas will first begin by using sleep dentistry to numb and relax your body before the procedure. Next, they will begin my removing a portion of the gum above the crown, this is called a flap. Once the bone is exposed, they will wear it down. Next, they will stitch the gum back inplace, covering the now shorter bone. As the bone is shortened, the length of the crown appears to lengthen, thus naming the procedure crown lengthening. Once the cavity is exposed beyond the gum-line, your Aqua Springs Dental dentists can fill the cavity to prevent further decay. 

Crown Lengthening

Broken Crowns

The procedure to restore a broken crown using tooth lengthening is similar to restoring a cavity. If part of the crown has broken off from the tooth below the gum-line, a Aqua Springs Dental San Marcos dentist, needs to reach the initial site where the part of the crown detached. First they will use sleep dentistry to calm and numb you. Next, they will lift the gum flap, shrink the boneline, and stitch back the flap. Now, your San Marcos general dentist can either attach a composite resin to the tooth to make it appear whole again or place a prosthetic crown on top of the natural tooth. 

Crown lengthening is a necessary procedure that many patients do not know about. It enables your San Marcos dentist at Aqua Springs Dental to get below the gum-line to restore your smile. For more information about dental restorations or to make a dental appointment in San Marcos, Texas call Aqua Springs Dental to schedule a visit today!