Sleep and Twilight Sedation – Common Patient Questions

At AquaSprings Dental, our goal is to help you be as comfortable as possible during your upcoming appointment in our San Marcos Texas dental office. Sleep dentistry is one of the tools we use to help patients stay calm during their procedure. Below we talk about sleep and twilight sedation and answer some common patient questions. Whether you are visiting for a routine cleaning or exam or if you are getting a dental implant, we can use sleep dentistry to help you relax.

Sleep and Twilight Sedation - Common Patient Questions 5/13/19

Types of Sleep Dentistry

Our dentists use three main types of sleep dentistry at Aqua Springs Dental in San Marcos, Texas. The level of sleep depends on the type of sedation our AquaSprings Dental team gives you. Laughing gas is the lightest level of sleep dentistry. This is used for small, quick procedures like cavity fillings and dental cleanings. The second level of sleep sedation is an oral sedative. This can range from making you a little drowsy to full sleep where you do not remember what happened during the procedure. Lastly, the strongest sleep dentistry available at AquaSprings Dental is twilight sedation. This refers to either a strong oral sedative or a medication that is injected into your bloodstream. This type of sedation is usually used for longer procedures like placing dental implants, cleaning a root canal, or extracting wisdom teeth. The type of sleep dentistry that the AquaSprings Dental team recommends will depend on your health conditions and the type of procedure.

Twilight Sedation

Will I Be Awake During Twilight Sedation?

The most common question we get about twilight sedation is, “are you awake?” Yes and no. During the entire procedure, you will be conscious, which means you can respond to commands such as opening and closing your mouth. Although, during twilight sedation, you will be in a drowsy, dream-like state. You may sleep during the entire procedure and not remember anything.

Will I Feel Anything During Twilight Dentistry?

Many patients and dentists prefer to sleep or twilight sedation to other lighter forms of sedation because it allows the dentist to control the amount of medication you receive. An oral sedative contains one dose of medicine and takes a while to process in your body to feel an effect. However, with twilight sedation that is released directly into the bloodstream, the dentists at AquaSprings Dental can increase the amount of sleep depending on how you feel. More control over the medication means more comfort for you during your dental procedure.

Is Twilight Sedation Safe?

Yes! Your safety and comfort is our number one priority at AquaSprings Dental. With that said, there are some conditions that make sleep dentistry not a good fit for some people. The three most common reasons the dentists at AquaSprings Dental may not recommend twilight sedation is if you have a high body mass index (BMI), hypertension, or if you are pregnant. Further, we may not recommend sleep dentistry if you are allergic have to the medication, have glaucoma, are intoxicated, or have a central nervous system (CNS) depression. For the average adult, twilight sedation is a great option to ensure a comfortable dental procedure. Of course, if you have any concerns, please let the AquaSprings Dental team know during your initial consultation appointment.

What Can I Do After Sleep Dentistry?

During the sleep dentistry process, you will receive an increased dose of sleep medicine that will take a few hours to wear off. Unlike laughing gas, you will need someone at the appointment with you to drive you home afterward. We also recommend that you take the day off from work or school so you can rest at home. Sleep and twilight sedation can make you extremely sleepy and drowsy, so you should not make any decisions while on the medication. It may take up to eight hours to feel alert again. Discuss your regular medications with an AquaSprings Dental dentist during the consultation and ask them if you can consume alcohol afterward. As always, if you have any problems or concerns, feel free to call our office. We are here to help.

Our main goal at Aqua Springs Dental is to help you achieve your ideal smile in the most comfortable, safe, and healthy way possible. For more information about how sleep and twilight dentistry can help you, call our San Marcos office in Texas, today!

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